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Baltic Fibers is developing a project for building a new plant for production of nonwoven products in Estonia. Baltic Fibers is Estonian wholesale distributor of high-quality nonwoven spunbond, spunmelt and meltblown materials produced by leading manufacturers used to produce baby and adult hygiene products, disposable personal protective equipment, such as masks and protective medical wear, mattresses, and spring blocks, heat-, moisture- and windproof membranes.

We offer the best solutions for our customers in the field of spunbond, spunmelt and meltblown polypropylene materials. Our business model is based on a deep understanding of the market and the availability of contracts with the leading nonwoven manufacturers.


We offer the top quality spunbond, spunmelt and meltblown nonwoven materials manufacturing processes on the market.

Premium functionality across our range of films, nonwovens provide the highest levels of comfort and protection for baby diapers, feminine hygiene and Incontinence products.


Breathable Anti-static Spunbond and Spunmelt for Coveralls & Sterilization articles. The material is not toxic, does not cause allergies.


Great solutions in many other parts of mattresses: isolation of spring blocks, separation layer


Useful for agricultural row coverings and tunnels. It protects crops from frost in the winter and promotes germination in the planting season. The material contains the UV stabilizing additive, which allows to extend its service life. It has high light resistance, durability, air and moisture permeability.


Our materials deliver a combination of strength and breathability that protects homes against trapped moisture and other costly damage.


Spunmelt and Meltblown Polypropylene designed for filtration applications including facemasks, filter bags, tubes, and pleated cartridges. Mask materials are available up to FFP3 / N99 / Type IIR / Level 3 barrier efficiency levels for disposable surgical and respiratory masks and up to HEPA 13 efficiency level for reusable canister filters.

Recycled PP granules

A wide selection of polypropylene for both injection, extrusion and blow molding, in many different melt flow rates, and density levels.

Homo polymer:

  • natural reprocessed pellets
  • white reprocessed pellets
  • mix colour reprocessed pellets


Spunbond: SS, SSS
Meltblown: M, MM
Composite: SMS, SMMS

Basis Weight Range

8-90 gsm
Width Range

Spunbond: 70—4200 mm
Meltblown: 70—3200 mm
Composite: 70—3200 mm

Calender pattern

Type of Treatment



UV, Soft, Aromatic

Blue, Green, White, Pink, Black, Purple, etc.

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